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Recorded Oct. 2012 @ Dead Air Studios By Will Killingsworth
Mastered @ Working Man Productions by Mark Peter-Itis


released January 4, 2013

Squid - Drums
Bad Meat - Bass
Fair Game - Guitar
Drool - Guitar
Roundy - Hate

Thanks: Will Killingsworth, Mark Perteritas, Rickey Tartaglia, Joshie Guilt, All our friends and family, and to you Henley Regisford.



all rights reserved


KIDS Pennsylvania

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Track Name: FMAMN
Failure is in the back my mind
You lack the social key and an upright spine
I can’t take this
My teeth
My eyes
My ears
My back
I’ve just given up
I don’t care
I wish cancer to spread on every boy and girl
with any luck maybe it will clear my head.
I have no time for revelations, for new beginnings, for events that take place beyond the realm of my immediate vision
Track Name: Quillian Thrasher
This won't pay my mortgage. How much of a rule breaker am I if I'm just trying to make a living?
God to college, build a being. Start a family, be a statistic.
Join the ranks of a smarter human society.
Time is not on your side.
Track Name: Warchestershire Cat
Im going to blow my fucking brains out.
I hope you piss your pants in excitement.
You see me watching you from the floor and the ceiling.
Track Name: Johnny Red Rides Forever
The true existential ending to my story.
I was sure you would understand now more than ever, Best Friend.

I suppose you're wondering why?
I suppose you're blaming yourselves?
I won't miss my existence, I won't miss my struggle.

I am now a higher being.
I am now in control.
Track Name: Congested
Im a waste.
Dont try to know me.
I hate this place, can you blame me?

You breathe and breed, you plead and bleed. Your words and shit reeks of disease. Your social plagues, your mothers and fathers have failed.

Cut off your thumbs and beg Darwin to take it all back.
The unclean spread your mark, you're just cells overgrown.
A mess of blood and teeth and flesh and bone.

You are proud and naive.
You are fucks brought to life.
You are not out of step.
Just a damn dirty ape.
Track Name: Quadriplegic
I remain bed ridden
My spine crushed on impact.
My body limp but eyes so full of life.
I was meant to live amongst the stars.
I cant eat on my own.
I cant wash myself.
I dreamed of a normal life.
I dream to walk again.
Ill never hold the one I love.
Ill lay limp in their arms.
Track Name: Heretictocs
I dont know when nothing's left at all.
Leave me to rot.
I'm aimless, lost.

Gimme your shelter and gimme your food.
I watched you convert and I watched you damn.
But I am the damn-less.
I used to think I needed to follow your troubled guidelines.
But you need me to exist.

Well fuck your mighty hand and fuck your bastard son.
I am a self appointed god.

I am here.
I am the heretic.
Track Name: You're Gonna Get The Block Shut Down
I’ll keep digging and digging till I have no more friends.
I’ll steer my way right into oncoming traffic.
I’ll lock our kids in the garage.
I’ll squeeze the breath out of your smokey lungs.
Watch me sing and burn this bridge between you and I.
I am love.
I am the sore on your lips.
I am life.
I am the Worm in your meal.
I am the story of a madman.
I am the tale of the true genius.
Nihilism personified.